Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. Here you will find all the answers to commonly asked questions about getting the EYPC program started in your community.

  • What is the role of other community organizations in EYPC implementation?

    Working in collaboration with other community organizations or agencies is a critical part of EYPC program implementation in your community. For example, one previous implementer reports that their local health department was critical in laying the groundwork for passing their county retail tobacco licensing ordinance that went to final passage through the efforts of EYPC youth.

  • How do “walking communities” help to create healthy communities?

    This refers to a variety of policies that may make communities more pedestrian-friendly. For example, many communities pass ordinances that require new developments to include sidewalks and bikeways. Other communities create walkways or bikeways that safely connect neighborhoods and shopping areas together.

  • Is there any cost for the EYPC facilitator training or for the program?

    There is never any cost for any EYPC training whether in person or online and all program implementation are provided free of charge. EYPC is supported by grants from the Illinois Department of Human Services, Bureau of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery and by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

  • This seems like a lot of commitment; is it worth the effort?

    According to the words of one previous EYPC implementer, “It may seem daunting, and it is definitely some work, but it is so worthwhile and so rewarding. It truly is a win-win-win: for the youth, for the community, and for public health or the policy issue you decide to work on. It is amazing to see the youth transform, become more confident, well-spoken and educated.”

  • Will there be regular updates after we have begun this process?

    EYPC program development staff will maintain contact with facilitators through email updates. We will also provide ongoing technical assistance on an as-needed basis. Regular updates and information will be available through our seasonal newsletter and Facebook page.

  • What about the evaluation costs?

    There are no evaluation costs, including any shipping of print survey materials. EYPC is supported by grants from the Illinois Department of Human Services, Bureau of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

  • Will advocacy by youth violate any government agency rules?

    EYPC does not financially support any direct policy advocacy efforts by youth or agencies or organizations that adopt the program. EYPC trains facilitators to implement the program. Youth in EYPC focus on educating the community and decision makers about the potential of a given policy to reduce the identified and documented community problem or promote health. When implementing the program, please check with your organization or agency’s policies to be sure you adhere to any internal rules.

  • How does EYPC meet Illinois civic education requirements and social science standards?

    According to Section 27-22 of the Illinois School Code, civic education is to “help young people acquire and learn to use the skills, knowledge, and attitudes that will prepare them to be competent and responsible citizens throughout their lives.” Similarly, one of the primary goals of the Illinois Social Science Learning Standards is “for Illinois students to not just acquire and produce knowledge but also to live a life of action – to engage in the workings of our democracy.” This vision is at the heart of EYPC. 

    The tables in this document show a side-by-side comparison of various EYPC activities and the corresponding Illinois Social Science Learning Standards that they fulfill. 

  • How adaptable is EYPC to our community’s unique situation?

    Depending on your organization, agency or community needs, you are free to adapt any part of the program. Talk to your EYPC support team about adapting the EYPC curriculum for to best meet your unique needs and your community’s situation.

About the program

The EYPC program is a civic-engagement program that guides youth (aged 13-18) through the process of getting a policy, ordinance, or resolution passed in their community. Youth involved in EYPC will bring about positive change in their community by exploring an issue and the change they want to make, engaging in data collection and analysis to develop their message, spreading their work and engaging the community in support, and working with decision-makers to enact real change.

Facilitator Training

Thanks to the generous support of the Illinois Department of Human Services and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, all EYPC trainings and all materials necessary to deliver the program are provided to you at no cost.

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