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Southern Illinois Tobacco Disparities Partnership

EYPC is very excited to be partnering with Southern Illinois Healthcare (SIH) as part of the Southern Illinois Tobacco Disparities Partnership (SITDP). Find out more about the SITDP Partnership here:  https://www.hsidn.org/sitdp

The Illinois Department of Public Health supports SITDP through funds received from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Portions of this funding were used to offer mini grants to schools in the southernmost 16 counties of Illinois for implementation of EYPC programs. EYPC guides youth through the process of adopting local ordinances/policies designed to reduce disparities caused by tobacco use and exposure.

Currently, student driven EYPC projects are moving forward in 8 Southern Illinois schools, Carrier Mills/ Stonefort High School, Hardin County High School, Johnston City Middle and High School, Vienna Township High School, and Zeigler/Royalton Middle and High Schools. Pinckneyville Community Center with support from the Perry County Health Department is also received funding for an EYPC program. All groups are developing policies for a smoke/vape free property and a policy for schools to implement a discipline policy that helps students addicted to nicotine to quit verses punitive consequences like out of school suspensions.

The Mission of the Partnership is to reduce tobacco related disparities due to tobacco/nicotine use and exposure by offering evidence-based education, prevention, and cessation programs, and collaborating to create policy, system, and environmental (PSE) changes in the southernmost 16 counties of Illinois. And the Vision is to create a healthier living environment promoting a lifestyle free from tobacco/nicotine use and exposure in Southern Illinois.

About the program

The EYPC program is a civic-engagement program that guides youth (aged 13-18) through the process of getting a policy, ordinance, or resolution passed in their community. Youth involved in EYPC will bring about positive change in their community by exploring an issue and the change they want to make, engaging in data collection and analysis to develop their message, spreading their work and engaging the community in support, and working with decision-makers to enact real change.

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