Random-Controlled Trial

Impact of the EYPC program

From August of 2019 to June 2023, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Evidence for Action program funded a Random-Controlled Trial (RCT) study of the effects and impacts of youth participation in the EYPC program as delivered by high school civics teachers in rural schools as part of their normal civics class. This study was led by Dr. Jennifer Hamilton at NORC at the University of Chicago in collaboration with Dr. Scott Hays, developer of EYPC.

This project recruited rural high schools from Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas and Utah to participate in the study.

This study answered the following research questions about the impact of EYPC on civic education in schools:

  • To what extent does the EYPC program impact the health and well-being of participating youth across diverse rural communities?
  • To what extent does the EYPC program improve community health and equity outcomes in these rural communities?

About the program

The EYPC program is a civic-engagement program that guides youth (aged 13-18) through the process of getting a policy, ordinance, or resolution passed in their community. Youth involved in EYPC will bring about positive change in their community by exploring an issue and the change they want to make, engaging in data collection and analysis to develop their message, spreading their work and engaging the community in support, and working with decision-makers to enact real change.

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