Program Resources

Here are all the resources you need to implement your EYPC program! From policy documents that support your choice of social policy to work on with your class to lessons, activities, and worksheets. Explore these resources as you plan the EYPC program for your class. Additionally, you will find forms to request more information, as well as all the materials to evaluate the impact of EYPC on your student’s learning and skill development.

Facilitator Training should be completed before using these resources. Haven’t had the opportunity to attend a Facilitator Training? Get started today!

  • Policy Documents

    Policy-specific worksheets and survey tools are linked below according to the desired Social Policy.

    Alcohol Policies

    Tobacco Policies

    Food Policies

  • Program Documents

    Lesson 1: EYPC Program Orientation

    • Lesson Calendar Urbana City Council (Fall 2019)
    • 5 Things to Know About Civic Engagement
    • Civic Engagement Bingo
    • Policy Glossary

    Lesson 2: Government, Policy, and Law

    • Policy Selection

    Lesson 3: Determining Local Ordinance

    • Problem Tree

    Lesson 4: Existing Data

    • Trustworthy Data Role Card
    • Trustworthy Data Research Scenarios
    • Principles of Trustworthy Data
    • Existing Data Resources

    Lesson 5: Survey Your Community

    • Survey Methodology

    Lesson 6: Observe Your Community

    • Observation Methodology
    • Observational Data Collection

    Lesson 7: Analyze Your Data

    • Identifying Themes and Taking Stock

    Lesson 8: Hear From the Expert

    • Ten Things to Ask – Policy Advocate
    • Ten Things to Ask – Community Expert

    Lesson 9: Review Your Policy

    • Model Policy Template
    • Policy Review
    • Debate Guide Template

    Lesson 10: Debate Your Policy

    • Policy Debate Guidelines

    Lesson 11: Our Local Government

    • Things to Know Local Government
    • Local Government Quiz Show

    Lesson 12: Meet Our Local Government Officials

    • Ten Things To Ask a City Council Member
    • Council Meeting Observation Worksheet
    • Council Member Behavior Worksheet

    Lesson 13: Mock City Council Meeting

    • How a Proposal Becomes an Ordinance
    • Meeting Procedures
    • Advocacy Group Planning Meeting Goals
    • City Council Planning Meeting Goals

    Lesson 14: Presentation Preparation

    • Visual Aids Dos And Don’ts
    • Message Development Worksheet
    • Presentation Planning Example Tobacco-Free Parks

    Lesson 15: The Presentation

    • Public Speaking Tips
  • Facilitator Documents

    Facilitator’s Guide

    The EYPC Online Facilitator’s Guide is the backbone of the EYPC Program. After being trained, it provides everything needed for implementation.

    Trained Facilitators gain access to our Facilitator’s Guide ‘E-Text’ through the University of Illinois Bookstore and it is available at no charge. The E-Text includes lesson instructions for the 16 EYPC Lessons, links to printable E-Docs and Policy Docs for use by your youth throughout the program, and embedded videos, links, and other content!

    More information on our Online Facilitator’s Guide will be coming soon!

    Facilitator Log — Your responses to this online survey will enable us to improve the EYPC program for you and your youth.

  • Forms

    EYPC Facilitators

    Program Start Up Form — Each Facilitator must complete and submit the EYPC Program Startup Information Form to begin each round of EYPC implementation.

    Civics Community & Health Survey — A print version of the Youth Survey taken by young people who participate in the EYPC program to monitor its impacts. The online version consists of the same questions. This is a sample copy and cannot be used for the actual survey.


    Consent/Denial Form — If they have not been provided with one, parents or guardians should print and review this form to provide informed consent for their child’s (under 18) participation in the EYPC Participant Survey (available for your review above). This document includes a form to decline your child’s participation. After downloading the document, print and complete the opt-out part of this form and return it to the EYPC Facilitator.

    Note: This is NOT a consent form for your child to be involved in the EYPC program. Granting or denying consent for your child’s participation in the EYPC Participant Survey will not affect a child’s involvement in EYPC.

  • Evaluation Process

    Step 1: Parent Notification Form

    Two methods of notifying parents:

    • Printed forms that youth take home to parents (sample form).
    • Supplement with email, social media posting, flyer, inclusion in newsletter or blog, etc.

    If a parent chooses to withdraw their child from participation they must be able to notify you by 1) phone, 2) email, or 3) signing and returning the form.

    Step 2: Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Training 

    Facilitators will be given access to the online CITI training and asked to complete the training prior to the start of research activities. The EYPC Project Director will follow-up with each facilitator about completion of the CITI training.

    • The training will discuss:
    • Research protocol
    • Privacy and confidentiality
    • Consent
    • Assessing Risk

    Step 3: Civics, Community and Health Survey

    To establish their benchmark or baseline data, youth participating in EYPC should complete the Civics, Community and Health before any programming begins

    Surveys are available in an on-line format and can be requested through the EYPC Start-Up Information Form.

    Step 4: EYPC Program Implementation

    Implement with fidelity

    • Goal: 80% of participating youth attend at least 80% of the program sessions.
    • So that evaluators may monitor, track and document EYPC program implementation activity, facilitators should complete Facilitator Logs for each of the 16 EYPC Lessons they implement. Links to the Facilitator Log are sent to Facilitators upon submitting the EYPC Startup Information Form.

    Step 5: Post-Program Civics, Community and Health Survey

    To assess changes in youth attitudes and behaviors that may have resulted from their participation in the EYPC program, youth that completed this survey pre-program and completed 80% of the EYPC sessions, should complete the Civics, Community and Health survey after all EYPC programming has ended.

    Youth who joined late and have not taken pre-program surveys should not take post-program surveys.

About the program

The EYPC program is a civic-engagement program that guides youth (aged 13-18) through the process of getting a policy, ordinance, or resolution passed in their community. Youth involved in EYPC will bring about positive change in their community by exploring an issue and the change they want to make, engaging in data collection and analysis to develop their message, spreading their work and engaging the community in support, and working with decision-makers to enact real change.

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